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It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last….

Recently there has been a few “Facebook” challenges going around, and normally I skip out on most of them. Posting the first picture of you and your significant other, then a recent one. This time around I knew the participation would show something really special. My husband and I didn’t have a traditional start to our relationship. It was fast… rushed. Like any teenage romance filled with drama and hopes to a new life. We knew we had something together but we were both young or as most people call it… Puppy Love?  Continue reading

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Pure Wonder

I have often questioned how the world looks through my son’s eyes. I know I have been there before and had the filter of a child but we forget these moments, never to see like this again. You can’t touch it or recreate it.  Pure excitement, joy, wonder. The size of buildings shrink, new places become common, things that shone before are lackluster. I presume nothing compares like being three years old inside of a huge aquarium full fish. The joy it brings him is pure, untouched by the horrors of this world. Continue reading

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Super Powers

We all have names, titles, circles that people like to place us into. The “overachiever” Mom, The “Pinterest” Mom, The “Perfect” Mom, The “I’m a mess” Mom. We all have heard them and there are plenty more. As Mom’s we should stand up and break the chains that hold us in places. Sure, you make your kids cute little bento boxes for lunch and make sure they eat clean, fresh foods. That’s your super power.

Then this Mom who places her time with the kids outside. Making sure they are at all the sporting events, play dates, birthday parties but skips out on the “clean eating” area and just throws frozen pizzas, crock pot meals or Fast Food on the table after a long day of being out with her kids. That’s her super power.

Then you have the Mom’s who post pictures on some form of social media.. everything in place, super clean, everything perfect… perfect kids, perfect life, perfect home.. That’s her super power.
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