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WIP Backyard!

Going into purchasing our first home one of the must haves was a yard. With two little boys they had to have a place for themselves (besides their rooms of course!) The moment we moved in we already had plans for our area. We want to enjoy as many days outside this year! Continue reading

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Mini Pool/Pizza Party Friday!

This year has been an exciting one with just purchasing our first home and with that comes lots of firsts. First cook-out, building a fence, first time picnicking on the patio, first pool day and so many more to come. Today, Cid and I packed up and went to good ol’ Wal-Mart!

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Man, do I have the time to sit and write out words. Probably not. I mean just yesterday while I was doing laundry the youngest decided it’s the best time to hit the emergency button on our alarm system just to see the firetrucks I assume… but, here I sit. Trying to start something for myself.

I have all kinds of thoughts, ideas and just ramblings that I COULD post about but let’s be honest… would you want to read whats already going through your mind. I’m just your everyday married stay-at-home mom with dreams bigger than her budget. Continue reading

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