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It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last….

Recently there has been a few “Facebook” challenges going around, and normally I skip out on most of them. Posting the first picture of you and your significant other, then a recent one. This time around I knew the participation would show something really special. My husband and I didn’t have a traditional start to our relationship. It was fast… rushed. Like any teenage romance filled with drama and hopes to a new life. We knew we had something together but we were both young or as most people call it… Puppy Love?  Continue reading

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WIP Backyard!

Going into purchasing our first home one of the must haves was a yard. With two little boys they had to have a place for themselves (besides their rooms of course!) The moment we moved in we already had plans for our area. We want to enjoy as many days outside this year! Continue reading

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The Days of our Analog Life

I must admit; I am a bibliophile. Give me a book, ill read it. Physical copy, e-reader copy, heck I will even read it on the computer but when did going to the library become a hassle? Comparatively, I would grab an old musty book off the shelves while standing in the long narrow rows of other old dusty books covered in finger prints and stains. These books have personality! They have a legacy that you will never know if you didn’t open it up. There is nothing like the smell of a library stocked with books, bottle that up and sell it by the jar! Continue reading

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