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The Days of our Analog Life

I must admit; I am a bibliophile. Give me a book, ill read it. Physical copy, e-reader copy, heck I will even read it on the computer but when did going to the library become a hassle? Comparatively, I would grab an old musty book off the shelves while standing in the long narrow rows of other old dusty books covered in finger prints and stains. These books have personality! They have a legacy that you will never know if you didn’t open it up. There is nothing like the smell of a library stocked with books, bottle that up and sell it by the jar! Continue reading

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It’s Dangerous to go Alone…

Take…. a nap! For Mothers Day my hubby surprised me with this…

I have been eyeing this headboard from Our Nerd Home for a while now (BTW check them out if you are into nerdy decor) and I guess he has been watching my browser history. Continue reading

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