It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last….

Recently there has been a few “Facebook” challenges going around, and normally I skip out on most of them. Posting the first picture of you and your significant other, then a recent one. This time around I knew the participation would show something really special. My husband and I didn’t have a traditional start to our relationship. It was fast… rushed. Like any teenage romance filled with drama and hopes to a new life. We knew we had something together but we were both young or as most people call it… Puppy Love? 

(Awe look at us, so young, so unaware.)

After a few short months I became pregnant. Clearly this was not the plan I (or really he) had for ourself but it happened. Things were not sunshine and sparkles let me tell you. Nothing ever is at 19 when you just found out how your life is not going to plan. Thankfully he was one of the good ones; Stuck by my side. Even when I treated him like he was the last man on earth I wanted to be around (Not my brightest moment as a human.) So 9 months later along came Aiden – Our little man. The child that brought us together and solidified our family unit. Our glue.

I do believe love takes work it just doesn’t happen when you walk down the street and lock eyes. Love isn’t just a feeling its a way of life; It takes work. I remember the first day we met, never once did I look upon that boy sitting on his bunk bed with a cast on his leg and say “Yep! I’m going to marry him and have two beautiful boys with this man!” BUT I did feel a connection. Like we have known each other for years. It was an instant friendship (which like I said above turned into a whirlwind of love, lust and drama) so is that what they call soul mates? I truly feel I have married this man before. I knew him then just as I know him now.


Which brings me back to the Opening Line. It was the first time, and it won’t be the last… I will always find you time and time again. You are my other half, heart and my soul. We are forever Partners.

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3 thoughts on “It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last….

  1. Redgrl 36 says:

    wow i love this story ,it reminds me of me and my husband we rushed our puppy love too.i love your blog i will continue to follow your blogs!

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  2. Great story. Thanks for sharing.

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