WIP Backyard!

Going into purchasing our first home one of the must haves was a yard. With two little boys they had to have a place for themselves (besides their rooms of course!) The moment we moved in we already had plans for our area. We want to enjoy as many days outside this year!

First came the fence, which was a project in its own. Thankfully we had help from some family so it made it go by very smooth. We ran into some issues with where the electrical box was and how we had to work around it but overall we are happy with the way it looks even though we lost some yard because of it.


Next came our “Grilling” patio as a Fathers Day gift to our favorite man of the house! We wanted to have a place just for the grill, and to keep it off the deck and little hands. Cement Slabs, Gravel & some sand later we spent about $70 which is not to shabby! (Home Depot has become our second home…) Cid loves to help daddy out, whenever there is a project he is right there with him. Or it could have been the fact there was sand involved and all he wanted was to build a sand castle! Looks like we have another trip to Home Depot in our future for sand box supplies!



After our Patio adventures we decided that summer has officially hit Ohio after a few cold snaps has passed us. While we picked up stuff for the patio we picked up some soil and a tomato, pickling cucumbers (First time pickling anything so keep an eye out for that soon!) & a green pepper plant! We already had started some herbs awhile back in little planters but it is definitely time we moved them to a bigger space. We also thought it would be a good time to start our compost bin.. Its going to be a summer of learning, watching and exploring new things!



How are you spending your summer?


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2 thoughts on “WIP Backyard!

  1. emmilleriowa says:

    Looks great! I love the low platform deck. I would like to be an outdoors person, but I’m just not, so it’s hard for me to sit outside and just be. I’m trying, though. Having a nice area would help!


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