The Days of our Analog Life

I must admit; I am a bibliophile. Give me a book, ill read it. Physical copy, e-reader copy, heck I will even read it on the computer but when did going to the library become a hassle? Comparatively, I would grab an old musty book off the shelves while standing in the long narrow rows of other old dusty books covered in finger prints and stains. These books have personality! They have a legacy that you will never know if you didn’t open it up. There is nothing like the smell of a library stocked with books, bottle that up and sell it by the jar!

Today we take advantage of not having to stop in at the library for answers to the unknown. Even just wanting to busy our minds with stories we can easily obtain by just requesting books online, ordering one on a e-reader, signing up for a subscription service or even a library pick-up window. We don’t want to inconvenience ourselves and our busy lifestyles. What would happen if we replaced a moment, JUST ONE MOMENT and walk into a library? That latte can wait till tomorrow, the mall will be there next week. Why do we just accept the fact we can get everything with a tap of a finger?


You can’t get experiences from a screen. The smells, the feelings. You can’t recreate the sound of the pages turning. The yellowing of the used pages. The bent edges marking a place and time that someone had to place the book down to finish later. All these moments are there waiting for you to add to them. Make time for libraries, books and knowledge. This is our legacy.

Go enjoy a library! Let our Analog life slip away for only a moment, you might find something you will love even more.

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6 thoughts on “The Days of our Analog Life

  1. nannygrannie says:

    Love my library ☺ wonderful post


  2. Maggie says:

    Great post, I love taking the grandchildren to the library… and they still enjoy going.


  3. I spent so much time in the library during university. I really need to rekindle my love for it. It’s quiet and you’re surrounded by knowledge, what could be better?

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  4. Redgrl 36 says:

    my daughter loves books! im currently placing shelves in her bedroom ,her favorite series is..The Wimpy Kid.


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