It’s Dangerous to go Alone…

Take…. a nap! For Mothers Day my hubby surprised me with this…

I have been eyeing this headboard from Our Nerd Home for a while now (BTW check them out if you are into nerdy decor) and I guess he has been watching my browser history.

So much nerdy, it sings to my soul.

We are still missing some paint on the walls and a few other things to tie the room together but like I said it’s still a WIP.

The K & J letters I ended up adding later after I Mod Podged the crap out of them with Maps of Hyrule.. (more to come about how I feel about Mod Podge, be warned.)13256452_10154862716184278_8890516588297273924_n


Then I added a few other items – Clay Pots, Amigurumi Navi… Soon to join them a Red Health Potion. I’m in absolute love with it. What else should I add to the room? Trees? Vines? Shield above the bed… Oh, the possibilities!

Check Out my Pinterest board “Our Zelda Room” for more Ideas!


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3 thoughts on “It’s Dangerous to go Alone…

  1. emmilleriowa says:

    Super cute! My husband would probably actually show some interest in decorating the house if he saw this.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. […] only have I Mod Podged letters for our Zelda Room…. But I have Mod Podged a Command Center with Lord of the Rings Maps that I got from our […]


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