Pure Wonder

I have often questioned how the world looks through my son’s eyes. I know I have been there before and had the filter of a child but we forget these moments, never to see like this again. You can’t touch it or recreate it.  Pure excitement, joy, wonder. The size of buildings shrink, new places become common, things that shone before are lackluster. I presume nothing compares like being three years old inside of a huge aquarium full fish. The joy it brings him is pure, untouched by the horrors of this world.

Pure at Heart, Untouched moments in time. 13336004_10154915439114278_1757508627910270687_n

The aquarium has always been a place that Cid could communicate a feeling with us as we worked out his speech delay at a young age. He could convey how it made him feel with just a joyful smile. Being able to point, watch and share with him always made the trip to the Zoo wondrous days. Now we return to the Zoo with a little boy who can efficiently communicate and tell us how he loves the fish. We could stay in the aquarium for hours just letting him explore with his hungry eyes. As I watch him grow and learn I want to take these moments and store them away. The days where wonder came first and the pureness was there because one day I will blink and a man will be asking me how to find the purity in this world.

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