Our Art Wall

I love when my kids bring home artwork from school or on a rainy Saturday sitting at the table just letting their little minds explode with worlds far away and monsters who reside in the darkest corners of the mind. Just seeing what they come up with, what stories they tell and watching them grow and learn from it makes it better.

BUT alas, there is only so much room on the fridge, in the filing cabinets and storage because I’m THAT kinda Mom. All of the stuff my kids make sticks around. It’s like throwing ideas in the garbage! So, here is my solution….


BAM! Now that’s the kinda statement piece that fits my parenting style. Nothing like your kids artwork to brighten up a room! It was super easy to put together as well.

We had just upgraded our youngest to his “big boy” bed and was left with our $300 investment crib and didn’t want to just toss it out. So why not break it down and find ways to use it.

So cutting off the front slats of the crib, spray painted black.


Then off to JoAnn’s to get some Mini Clothespins. (They had so many colors thankfully, saved some time in the long run.)


I just slapped some wood glue on them, waited for it to dry and Voila!


Instant family art wall. Thanks to my hubby with some wood cutting and hanging I’d say I knocked this one out of the park! Now, how to turn the rest of the crib into an outside bench….


More to come on that adventure. Pinterest here I come!

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