Super Powers

We all have names, titles, circles that people like to place us into. The “overachiever” Mom, The “Pinterest” Mom, The “Perfect” Mom, The “I’m a mess” Mom. We all have heard them and there are plenty more. As Mom’s we should stand up and break the chains that hold us in places. Sure, you make your kids cute little bento boxes for lunch and make sure they eat clean, fresh foods. That’s your super power.

Then this Mom who places her time with the kids outside. Making sure they are at all the sporting events, play dates, birthday parties but skips out on the “clean eating” area and just throws frozen pizzas, crock pot meals or Fast Food on the table after a long day of being out with her kids. That’s her super power.

Then you have the Mom’s who post pictures on some form of social media.. everything in place, super clean, everything perfect… perfect kids, perfect life, perfect home.. That’s her super power.

Why do we strive to be what we are not, we have our own power in this world and it’s what we are. We are super Mom’s no matter what…

So I guess what I’m saying is.. Hello, I’m Kyndell. I’m a Mom who loves to spend as much time with her kids, never missing a moment. Not necessarily running to football games, play dates or birthday parties. There might be a sink full of dishes, unswept floors & unfolded laundry in the hamper but I was able to make memories with my boys while making pizza together from scratch.

It’s not just my super power, it’s all of ours. Take it back, be yourself. From one “Super Mom” to another.13320443_10154901189759278_313158765433897907_o

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