Mini Pool/Pizza Party Friday!

This year has been an exciting one with just purchasing our first home and with that comes lots of firsts. First cook-out, building a fence, first time picnicking on the patio, first pool day and so many more to come. Today, Cid and I packed up and went to good ol’ Wal-Mart!


Nothing like surprising boys with Popsicle’s image-20160603_115509& a pool. My husband says I spoil the crap out of them but let’s be honest here, they are only young once and I would much rather spoil the crap out of them now when its fun. Am I right?! So setting up this pool was a pain but I also was on a time restraint with Speech Therapy today – so I popped that sucker up and filled it up while I was away. We returned to a full pool and hours of soon to be fun!

Cid is so adventurous, a lot more than his brother ever has been or is now. It’s amazing to see the difference in personalities. Maybe I messed up somewhere with Aiden but I’m glad to see the yin & yang of my boys. Somewhere down the line that might be a blessing. Cid will be the daredevil that gets himself into trouble and Aiden will be the one to talk him down from being TOO crazy. Only time will tell but as of right now, I see many ER visits with Cid.

While the boys were being good it was time to make the mini pizza’s for the PIZZA PARTY! I love Friday night pizza night, so easy.. and the boys don’t complain. Personalized and YUMMY! Also Mommy & Daddy doesn’t have to skip toppings we love due to little pallets 😉 It’s a win-win!

It’s been a wonderful Friday here at the Swain homestead, How has yours been?

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