Man, do I have the time to sit and write out words. Probably not. I mean just yesterday while I was doing laundry the youngest decided it’s the best time to hit the emergency button on our alarm system just to see the firetrucks I assume… but, here I sit. Trying to start something for myself.

I have all kinds of thoughts, ideas and just ramblings that I COULD post about but let’s be honest… would you want to read whats already going through your mind. I’m just your everyday married stay-at-home mom with dreams bigger than her budget.

Just last weekend was Memorial Day. Filled with water, grills and family. Which I know what your thinking.. *yeah, THAT’S not what Memorial Day is about you heartless woman* but just look at their smiles and tell me that I can’t celebrate this way. I hate to tell you but the men/woman who lost their lives would want us to celebrate this way, because THEY gave us that.

Just look how happy they are. I’m grateful we have these moments… not many do.

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